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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Longest Yard

A group (well, large group) of my friends and I went and saw the latest Adam Sandler movie on Saturday night. Surprisingly, the screening we went to sold out - I had to plead with the attendant to get my ticket!

I must say, Adam Sandler is beginning to redeem himself! In my opinion (for all that's worth), he went a bit off the rails there for a while - and all his characters were the same as in the previous movie! However, in the past month I have now seen Spanglish, and The Longest Yard. They're very different movies, but I feel that we're getting a new Adam Sandler here. I loved Spanglish. And I enjoyed The Longest Yard. Stiller actually plays a character that undergoes a transformation into a reasonable person! Character Development - LOVE IT! :)

Btw - Rob Schneider is still there, with his required "YOU CAN DO IT!"

see i do not like adam sandler.......liked the wedding singer cuz drew barrymore was in it!! ben stiller is always a step or 2 ahead in my opinion...........hey i dont think i posted on your blog before so hi....thnks for stopping by my place
Did you see Punch Drunk Love? That was very un-Adam, but I thought it was okay.

I'm yet to see Punch Drunk Love. I've heard mixed reviews - but then again, I heard bad reviews about Spanglish.

Ally, I must admit, I do need to be in the right mood to watch an Adam Sandler movie (and I love the Wedding Singer - bring on the 80's!), but Ben Stiller works at any time :)

BTW - all time fave Stiller movie has to be my first - Heavyweights. His character is pretty much version one of the character he played in Dodgeball.
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