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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


There's an interesting discussion going on about Schappelle Corby's sentence, and her conversion to Christianity over on Gush.

I thought this point was worth posting here:

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(GodisWatching14 @ May 27 2005,20:03)
see thats thing only god no's if she done it or not....maybe her going to prision is because she did do it???

Quote (groovyjoss @ May 30 2005,00:45)
i would just like to say that God is not going to keep you out of prison just because you are innocent. God will put you exactly where he wants you when he wants you whether you are guilty, innocent or a three pound water buffalo.

May 30 2005,09:02)^ agreed... Jesus wasnt guilty, but he still had to die on a cross, and thats where God wanted him.

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(they then proceeded to discuss how much water buffalo weigh)

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