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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I was advised to "Googlise" myself, and so I did. Makes for interesting reading. Here are some "highlights": (comments in brackets added by ME!)

paula is my name
paula is a fine white cat
paula is a succesfull singer (yeah babY!!)
paula is the limerick rose for 2001
paula is mentioned (?)
paula is a succesfull singer/songwriter who when destiny kicks in meets the love of her life howie (who's howie - and when does destiny kick in?)
paula is a vip of the coffee world (especially considering I'm a tea drinker!)
paula is jealous of tracey
paula is so at ease on
paula is a halve
paula is a dominant fetish tv with a chamber in the east of england (!)
paula is not a purist about scratchboard technique
paula is (that's right - I just AM)
paula is a skilled networker within the field of real estate
paula is a young startup company
paula is situated in the beautiful santa clara river valley
paula is still up to her old adult ways (hmm I don't even believe that I'm a "young" adult!)
paula is married to dale rahmanovic and in april 2000 created history by becoming the first female tasmanian mp or minister to have a child while in office
paula is a freelance writer and editor
paula is still great (got that right!)
paula is done eating lunch (that too)
paula is running around the garden
paula is at once an autobiography
paula is in
paula is her recent appointment as jazz coordinator at the welsh college of music and drama
paula is very sweet (aw thanks!)
paula is your agent
paula is a regular feature writer for numerous national magazines
paula is committed to the health and well being of the animals that share our lives and so richly give their love
paula is able to determine the chemical factors that optimize the capture of...osama!!
paula is a great instructor and has earned herself a new fan (yup...the old one broke)
paula is a new version of the game show classic "to tell the truth
paula is president emerita of the association of american colleges and universities and former president and professor of chemistry at hollins college
paula is not just the girl next door (well...)
paula is recommended by fellow agents for honesty and integrity as an experienced massachusetts real estate agent professional
paula is not happy to leave all her toronto friends behind and move to edmonton after her grandmother dies (would you be happy to do that?)
paula is up in years now
paula is approximately 25 (approximately 24 would be better)
paula is the perfect example of how difficult it is to remain on top in the showbiz world because for a time (all washed up before I even get started)
paula is a perfect symbol of one of the most fun
paula is a fiercely independent young woman with two children who is told she will not survive the birth of a third (well it's a good thing I only want 2 kids then!)
paula is a working airport so play close attention to spinning propellers
paula is highly thought of by her peers
paula is not a book you can read at one sitting (that's because I'm not a book)
paula is a wine educator and promoter with 19 years experience (I started early)
paula is experiencing a "near death experience" in this section
paula is one of the few female singers to have six number one singles from her first album (yes!!! six number ones! I'm famous!)
paula is sure to please this year's gathering attendees with her slide show on extreme solo trekking in the himalayas (not the real himalayas - ones I built to scale in the backyard)
paula is very energetic and cues very well
paula is still in awe of how dedicated her cross stitch audience is (really....)
paula is busily working on a whole bunch of new songs for the next album (I wish that were true)
paula is considered 9 (out of 10?)
paula is a particular concern
paula is accessible
paula is going to rosita's retirement party on thursday (any excuse to party)
paula is getting dressed paula is getting dressed (ok I'm dressed already!)
paula is committed to serving him right where she's at (TRUE)
paula is afraid of death (not death itself, just the dying part)
paula is a natural teacher with the unusual ability to teach at any level

Let me know what your Googlism turned up!

"paula is a new version of the game show classic "to tell the truth"

- this blog is about to get interesting! :)
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