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Monday, May 16, 2005

[40 Days] Day 2

Yesterday (May 15th) marked the start of my church's "40 Days of Purpose" campaign.

So far, I should have read chapter one and two of the book "A Purpose Driven Life". But I haven't. I'm really shocking with this sort of thing. I'm supposed to be reading a certain book, so I'll start reading another.

I did that with my cell study - Instead of reading "What's so Amazing about Grace", I read all 13 books in the Patricia Cornwell "Kay Scarpetta" series. Admittedly I was still reading the cell book, but at a much slower rate. (I still haven't finished it).

I've also managed to polish off a 600page whopper "Girls Night In", and I'm halfway through "Captivating" (the girls "Wild at Heart").

I'll probably go home tonight and read the first two chapters of the campaign book, as we're studying it at cell tonight.

My plan is, to follow my "journey of discovery" on this blog.

I'm actually in two minds about the whole thing. I'm interested to see what the whole deal is about, but I've read some reviews where they've mentioned the book not being theologically sound. So I'm going into it with my eyes wide open. I'm not sure if I'll double check all 1200 verses used in the book, but I'll try my hardest!

I've had A purpose Driven Life for quite some time and still have yet to read it. I also have a Chip Ingrim book on relationships that I want to get to reading...soon mehopes.

the question is Paula, did you sign the covenant?? -)

like the photo btw
hMM...I think I did. Not sure. I wrote my name somewhere in the book at 1:30am this morning when I was catching up in my reading...
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