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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big Brother

Now, as I've already mentioned, I'm not planning on getting hooked this year. And just from what I've seen of the show, there's no-one that particularly catches my eye - apart from the twins, but that's probably because there's been a lot of attention directed towards them because of the challenge they have.

(If you don't know what their task is - it's to switch places every now and then, without the other housemates knowing anything about what's going on).

Basically, everyone in the house is single, young, and without inhibition. I've also noticed that a lot of the contestants are country kids who either still live in the country or have moved to the city. Now this is something I know about!

One thing about country boys that you may not know, is that they don't really talk much. Most of their communication is unspoken, or verbalised in grunts. SERIOUSLY!!! This was demonstrated fantastically when Glen (?) who's a shearer, was called into the house on a microphone violation. Big Brother told him off, and expected a response - but none came, until BB prodded him for an answer. Good fun.

Combine non-verbal country boys with chatty city girls? Interesting combo.

Also, there's the token "blonde bimbo" who announced the other night that she thinks that she's "quite intellect". I'm not joking - she used the word "intellect" three times, much to the other housemate's entertainment.

All this makes me think that the twins aren't going to have a problem going two weeks without anyone noticing their switches.

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