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Thursday, May 05, 2005

AOG National Conference & World Congress

Last night I went to the AOG National Conference & World Congress at Hillsong Church. It was amazing knowing that I was in the company of some of the most incredible pastors from all around the world.

The Chairman of the World Congress got up and introduced members of the International Executive and also members of the AG Executive (America's AOG). It's interesting to note that the AOG is not truly an international movement. The World Congress could be compared to a meeting of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) over here. - Churches with different names, but same beliefs.

We were also introduced to the Pastor of New Life Church, in Baghdad, Iraq. He'd just flown in that day. Imagine that - starting a church in Baghdad!

Ps Brian spoke on Ps 23. He spoke about how it's a Psalm of PURPOSE - the Lord IS my shepherd, I SHALL NOT want...it's all about how we choose to see things. If we live with purpose, our perspective changes.

I'm planning on going again tonight, as Ps Tommy Barnett (from the Dream Centre in LA) is speaking. Last time I heard Ps Tommy speak was at Planetshakers a few years ago, and I loved it.

It took me an hour to drive to Hillsong last night - I left @ 5:30, and got there at 6:30. Luckily, I have friends there who saved me a seat :) Hopefully it shouldn't take as long tonight, but then again it might take longer, it being thursday night! I hate traffic.

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