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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

[AFL] Apologies

It just occured to me that there may be some people who read this blog who have no real idea about what I've been discussing the past few days. Sorry for that - you'll be relieved that it's a seasonal obsession, and it should be over by September - or earlier, depending on how my team goes.

Just a basic overview of AFL for all you people who should know better:

AFL (Australian Football League, not the american AFL) is the sport that God created to be played in heaven. I think that's why they can jump so high to mark the ball.

The football is similar in shape to a rugby ball, though more elongated, and rounder at the ends. It's quite a skill to be able to bounce these things while walking and to get them to return to you.

The game is played between two teams on an oval - at each end of the oval are four posts - the centre two bigger than the outer two. If the ball is kicked between the two big posts (without being touched by anyone), your team scores a goal, which equates to 6 points. If the ball is knocked through the middle two poles (by either team), it's referred to as a "rush behind", and you score a point. If the ball goes through the two smaller poles on either side, your team scores a point. It's a game of running, bouncing, kicking, tackling, and it's fantastic to watch - either live or on TV.

There are so many rules that I'm not going to try to explain, because I know that I'll get them wrong, so if you need more information, go HERE.

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