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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Presence Conference

Tonight i attended Christian City Church's 'Presence Conference' at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.
Delirious lead worship, and John Bevere brought the Word. It was an incredible night. John was teaching on honour, and the importance of honouring those 1) in positions of authority over us, 2) our peers - those on the 'same level' as us, and 3) those under our authority - the 'little ones' mentioned in Matthew 10.42.

I know what I just wrote doesn't make much sense, but maybe i'll explain it further tomorrow - it's 1am and I really need to go to sleep!

Hi, I found your blog through Brody Harper's. I was excited to see you're from Sydney. My family and I were fortunate enough to go there on holiday in 2005. I have pictures of the Convention Centre and Darling Harbour. Miss it there, but hopefully will get to see Australia again. The pictures of walking to the train station are nice too.
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