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Monday, July 16, 2007

Interesting review of the Bible (from amazon.com)

I couldn't resist posting this. Sometimes (for whatever reason) i like to read the bad, one star reviews of books i like. And so i came across this review of the Bible (NIV translation) that made me both sad and incredulous at the same time. I can only hope she's not serious?
Let me know your thoughts!


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Rather Incredulous, March 30, 2007


Crystal Sparks "Crystal"
7059476-1588428> (Oklahoma) - See all my reviews

I hate to say it, but I was rather disappointed with the storyline of
this book.
The transitions are awkward and the story, while fantastic, was not
enjoyable. I usually like science fiction, but this one had too much old
English and not enough scantily clad martians.
A lot of hype has been coming out about this book,and has even stemmed
many a debate in Washington, D.C. I understand that politicians tend to
enjoy this book, but I am brave enough to stand up and state that this
book is not that great. The action scenes were not very eventful - more
graphic details should have been used, and the lack of adjectives was a
prominent flaw. The Bible had ridiculously high standards for its
Also, the author should know better than to use the second person - only
amatures make such a mistake.
All in all, this book was poorly written and not well researched.
Don't read it.

Not a serious review I am sure - bloody hilarious in fact.
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