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Friday, July 06, 2007

Hillsong Update

Sorry about the proliferation of photos, but there's been no time to actually put pen to paper - so to speak.
We've been royally spoilt at this conference. John Bevere has been incredible. Joseph Prince's teaching on grace vs law, old testament vs new testament was fantastic.
Being able to sit in a room with musicians and songwriters that i admire such as Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman has been like a dream come true. It's one thing to listen to their songs, to use them in church, but it's an entirely different thing to worris along with them. To hear them speak about their personal relationship with Christ makes you realise that they really do believe what they write about. In an age where there are many 'God thanking' artists, it's refreshing and gives you a new appreciation for these artists who are true worshippers of Christ.
After Bishop TD Jakes spoke last night (which i'm not even going to attempt to describe!) Israel and the Hillsong team closed the meeting in worship. Israel pulled Chris Tomlin up on stage to sing with him. Let's just say it was an incredible way to end an incredible night.
This morning's worship was lead by Darlene and Israel and was followed by more teaching by Bishop Jakes. I'm still in the process of 'processing' this morning - i may post about it later :-)

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