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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is Jesus The Answer?

On Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we held our Easter production, which this year was called 'Is Jesus The Answer?'
The production was very different to previous years, with smaller numbers of people involved on-stage. 
It was a great success, with over 1000 attending on Good Friday and probably just under 1000 on Easter Sunday. 
There were, as usual, two parts to our production: the Kids production, followed by the 'feature presentation'. The Kids production this year was called 'Choice' and was predominately a dance piece centered around the crucifixion and resurrection on Jesus. It was fantastic! I always love the Kids productions.
The second half was the main production, 'Is Jesus The Answer?' which revolved around a character named Chris dealing with consequences to decisions he'd made, and how even when we may have made the wrong decision and done the wrong thing (or in Chris' case, neglected to do the right thing), that Jesus is still the Answer for our lives.
The team did an incredible job, and I was proud to be involved.

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