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Monday, September 03, 2007

APEC is here! (Finally!)

(Bels, it was beyond paradise...)
Today marks the start of what is probably going to be a very slow week for me. APEC starts today, and as the cbd has been 'closed', i'm not sure how many customers i'll have. Did i mention that i saw John Howard the other day? He was walking up the street as i was walking down. It made for a very exciting day! (Not much else was happening that day).
Oh- we have a public holiday on friday! And, it's only for those who work it the 'Sydney Metro' area. The government has suggested that we use the day to visit country NSW, on the condition that we say 'ha ha, i've got a public holiday and you don't!' or something very similar whilst there. Sounds like an idea!
The picture for this post is in honour of the weekend, and my first visit to a real spanish restaurant. I'll definitely be returning to spanish terrazas!
It was the final round of the afl this weekend, next weekend the finals start. But, guess who tipped a perfect round in the tipping? ME! And what did that get me? 2nd place in the family tipping, and a phone call from my mum to accuse me of cheating :-D Now we wait and see if the Crows can get up and win - do it for Roo!

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